Just some extra level shots. Just some extra level shots. Just some extra level shots.
Post alpha editions. Post alpha editions. Post alpha editions.

So, now that you've seen Missense, what is it again? Missense is a gene swapping puzzle game about a young man trying to live his dreams. In the current alpha, there's at least 10 puzzles to solve. But that's going to go up to about double or more come final release. There's going to be a player driven narrative as you go through the story mode levels. And at least a couple more modes to follow including Emergency Room with timer based puzzles and Mad Doctor with smaller and more genes to swap. The Missense public alpha includes:

Current Alpha features:
-2 stages
-10 story based levels
Current plans for the full release:
-4 Main Stages
-28 story based levels
-Nerve racking timer based 'Emergency Room' mode with 9+ levels
-Twisted and illogical 'Mad Doctor' mode with 9+ levels
-A strange mix of both timed and illogical in 'Elimination' mode with 9+ levels
-A grand total of over 55+ levels
-Score based level ranks
-An emergent story line based on player actions about a young man chasing his dreams
-10 story based levels

Missense was given a cool preview by Indiegamesaaa! Link: Missense Preview!


About the Developer:Robert T. Clemmons jr. (otherwise known as xhunterko on the internet) is a single, solitary lonely dev who still lives with his parents. He lives in the backwoods country of Fairfield, Illinois. He has been making prototypes and the occasional game in the past (at least since 2001, not sure if earlier). Growing up, he used to make custom Sonic levels on paper, played with Legos, and swung a light up toy sword around in the family's small woods pretending to be Link. (He still plays with Legos, and has no intention of stopping. Much to his mother's dismay.) To his credit, he thinks he has at least 9 games done. (Though four are probably just prototypes.) He also has a huge backend of ideas of which he hopes to make someday. He also aspires to be a writer and a good cartoonist. If you'd like to know more about me for an interview, you may gmail me at xhunterko@gmail.com. He also likes the occasional airsoft match. And still doesn't have his license (30).

Twitter: @xhunterko